Top Reasons To
Migrate To Dell EMC
Unity XT Storage

No Compromise Midrange Storage


More flash, more affordably

Dell EMC Unity XT has been architected from the ground up to take full advantage of the latest flash storage. Users can select All-Flash or Hybrid systems or combine them to maximize benefits across a broad range of applications. Dell EMC Unity XT relies on the latest generation of cost-effective flash drives, dual-socket Intel processors, and lots of memory enabling users to get up to 2X performance with 75% less latency compare with previous generations.

Shrink data center footprint

With integrated controller hardware for block and file, installation and cabling are a snap, and 12Gb SAS backend connectivity provides flexible storage configuration and expansion. High-density flash drives combined with inline compression, deduplication and zero detect result in even more rack unit and floor space savings (up to 790TBe per RackU), plus reduced power cost per GB of storage. Dell EMC Unity XTs higher system utilization combines with impressive data reduction rates to provide users with higher usable capacity.

Simple to manage

Management simplicity drives operational efficiency and lower TCO, and Dell EMC Unity XTs fully integrated SAN and NAS architecture provides a single, seamless interface for managing all storage resources as well as local and remote native replication including support for file-based replication with Metrosync Manager. The HTML5 web-based UI eliminates Java concerns, while a REST API enables advanced flexibility for management and automation.

More file scalability

Dell EMC Unity XT’s 64-bit file system and transactional NAS capabilities provide superior flexibility when it comes to deploying applications and VMware. New features include quota support, file system shrink and multi-tenancy support, along with a 256TB maximum file system size. Users can also easily scale across the All-Flash or Hybrid product ranges with on-line, data-place controller upgrades.

Advanced VMware integration

Dell EMC Unity XT enables VMware deployments to take advantage of the latest storage technologies for provisioning virtual machines, supporting VMwares VVol technology for more granular provisioning and management of virtual storage. Users can use VVol storage with both block and file within the same unified storage pool for added flexibility.

Integrated data protection

Advance the state of data protection, with a range of features that are not only comprehensive; they are also included at no extra charge. From unified block and file snapshots to synchronous and asynchronous remote replication for block and file, Unisphere protects your data with integrated management and scheduling. A limited number of RecoverPoint Basic licenses are also included, enabling continuous data protection and a zero RPO for your most critical application data.


Built for multi-cloud

Dell EMC Unity XT supports multiple cloud deployment options including validation with VMware Cloud Foundation, Cloud Connected Systems with Dell EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance; Cloud Data Insights with CloudIQ; Cloud Storage Services for DRaaS and Cloud Edition HA with VMware Cloud in AWS clouds.

Non-disruptively scale performance & capacity

Once youve migrated to Dell EMC Unity XT, increasing performance and capacity is simple and seamless. Online data-in-place controller upgrades can be non-disruptively accomplished within respective hybrid and all-flash families saving time and money. Data is always available during the upgrade process.

Investment protection

The Future Proof Loyalty Program guarantees 3:1 Data Reduction and 5x Storage Efficiency with every Dell EMC Unity XT All Flash system. These new rates are guaranteed with no assessment as part of a standard 1-year contract. Please visit the Future Proof Loyalty Program page for further details.