As people across the world become increasingly connected, the telecommunications industry has registered one of the highest growth rates across sectors. Telecommunication companies face a unique set of challenges that stem from technology trends and customer demands. The convergence of applications, networks and content in today’s context of speed and convenience allows for seamless connectivity and integrated user experience. This rapid growth needs to be managed through streamlining operations, minimizing capital infrastructure, providing new services and remaining competitive through innovative solutions.

A snapshot of different challenges prevalent in the industry:

  • Improving profit margins.
  • Falling ARPU.
  • High customer churn.
  • Fierce competition.
  • Consistent superior customer experience.
  • Maintaining QoS.
  • Demand for new value added services and bundles.
  • Heavy investments for network transformation.
  • High demand for end-to-end managed services from service providers.

SCI is leading Telecom Service providers with the domain knowledge and experience to help deliver quality solutions, backed by our strategic alliances with the world’s leading global equipment vendors and service providers. We partner with you to build and implement innovative strategies and solutions to help remain competitive whilst improving processes and infrastructure.

Domain Expertise

SCI is a regional ICT solutions partner and integrator with a track record of introducing product and technology innovations. By virtue of engaging with the worlds leading telecom solution vendors and telecom infrastructure development companies, SCI has the requisite capabilities and domain knowledge.

With 50 years of experience and projects managed across the continent, SCI provides a broad range of solutions to its clients business needs. We partner with Telecom Service providers to reorganize around customers, expand markets, and upgrade infrastructure.

SCI’s solutions help Telecom Service providers with reduced time-to-market, optimized operational costs, next-generation communications and realization of superior customer satisfaction. Through our proven process transformation capabilities, companies can now maintain their focus on asset efficiency, cost control and service improvement.

The compliance and regulatory requirements will ensure that privacy and security are a priority, especially as the emerging market gets bigger and more sophisticated. The quantum of consumer data available also allows for different ways Telecom Service providers can add value to their revenue and offerings.